Partner with ARRES and take advantage of all the benefits available to commercial properties that choose to install solar systems.

The government rewards the efforts of businesses that choose solar.

The wise choice to install a PV system to your commercial property is offset by government incentives. The Federal Government is encouraging businesses to go solar with the establishment of a “Investor Tax Credit” of 30% on the total cost of your system, which can be credited against your federal taxes. In addition, South Carolina state incentives are at 25%, which is currently capped at $35,000, with the credit being applied in $3,500 increments over a period of ten years.

Solar increases the value of your building without tax implications

You may have already known installed solar modules will increase the value of your building, however you should know that unlike other improvements, the value of a solar system is exempt from property taxes. You will not be penalized for the increase in value that your solar array provides.

Know what you can do to reduce your solar needs

In an effort to continually develop the highest standards for our company, we are dedicated to assisting our clients with saving as much as possible with solar. We don’t approach projects to simply sell the largest solar array possible. ARRES works with a local, experienced Energy Auditor, who will asses the facility, and provide options to first reduce the usage, and help improve the efficiency of the buildings energy drains. This allows ARRES to not only become your solar developers, but also help the general day to day business and lower the entire energy intake of your facility.

Solar is an economically predicable source of energy

In a volatile economy, where the reliance upon fossil fuels is a variable expense, installing solar energy is not only economical, it’s stable. Your organization’s utility expenses will be dramatically reduced by the use of a predictable, renewable energy source, so you can use the extra capital to invest in other areas of your business.

Federal and state government tax incentives are in place until December 31, 2019, and are scheduled to decrease within the coming years. Contact us to partner with ARRES and learn how to take advantage of all the benefits available to your commercial property.